Enter daydream Masi. The sweet, lovable, yet mysterious character emerges and erupts with overflowing sound that makes your bones feel warmed and your mind feel cradled. Over the past 6 years, Masi has been growing adoration and responsibility with his songbird tendencies, beginning with the notoriety garnered in his hometown in Ohio.

daydream Masi has been dipping his foot in the pool of the music space, more recently diving in head first with the release of his last EP, titled “movie Scenes,” a productive collaboration between the young artist and Twin Shadow in the mountains of California. Masi’s push for reimagining and innovation remains uncaged as the artist soars through space and time, painting chapters of his life with lush, deep, and meaningful sound, leaving delicate drops to taste here and there for anyone following and listening. Two things we know, is that Masi is a staple in the world of sound and that we are witnessing the epitome of passion through him.